Where will it take place? Bath, Somerset through the Combe Down tunnel. (CP south end)

Date: 31st March 2023-2nd April 2023

Time Limit: 55Hrs

Runners: hand picked from applicants

Capacity: around 30

Terrain: Flat and pitch black between 11pm and 5am. Low level lighting in effect at other times.

Timing: Electronic timing

Laps: approx 100 out n backs, or 200 times through the tunnel, possibly the greatest mileage ultramarathon ever ran underground 99%

Facilities: Very very basic and limited. No shelter/rest area. Checkpoint has water/coke only and snacks (bars, cake, gels etc), drop box area, portaloo. BRING YOUR OWN DRINKING MUG/CONTAINER.

No parking directly at start. No toilets at start. Anything you bring you MUST take away with you (kit, boxes etc)


Cockbain Events Rules


No headphones, no sticks, no outside support.

Tunnel is open to the public, especially used by bikers, so LHS running only and tunnel rules obeyed.

No littering.

Hi Vis must be worn at all times.

Headtorch worn in dark hours.

Whistle and phone must be carried.

One small waterproof box/bag can be left at own risk in baggage area. THIS IS NOT A SEE HOW FAR YOU CAN GET IN 55 HOURS EVENT (you will be timed out if not at 100 miles in 27:30)





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